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Netflix Premium Membership (USD)

Netflix Premium Membership (USD)

⚠ Digital Codes can only be paid with an online bank transfer and cannot be paid with cash or swipe. For cash payment, purchase the Local Delivery version of this item.
With streaming movies, television, and original programming, Netflix has something for everyone. Netflix members can watch their favorite entertainment right at home and on any device they want, with no commercials. Ever.
In order to redeem the gift card, you will need to have your account activated with a credit card with USD as currency. If your account isn’t activated or you don’t have a credit card to activate the account. You will need to purchase the one-time activation add-on.
The activation fee is included with a $60 credit purchase and above.This is only for first-time users, or if the account has been deactivated by Netflix due to inactivity.Local Delivery: Digital Code will be printed on an eCards Aruba’s Card with the code covered with a scratch-off label. The card will be delivered with a free sticker per order by eCards Aruba.
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