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Order Confirmation

Your order is in safe hands and we will start working on your order as soon as possible!
Local Delivery?
You can expect your order tomorrow before 5:00 pm
Once your order is ready for delivery, we will notify you.  You can view your order progress via your orders tab on your account page.

Bo por verwacht bo pedido mañan prome cu 5:00pm.



Digital Code?
If your order is or contains a digital item you can expect the delivery of that (specific) item within 1 hour after payment is confirmed.
Once your code is ready, we will notify you.  You can view your code via your orders tab on your account page.

This is an estimated time of delivery; digital orders will not be processed until the bank confirms payment. We will let you know if there are any delays with the code.

Digital Codes ta wordo entrega dentro di 1 ora despues cu confirma e pago. Den casonan raro esaki por dura poco mas, si esaki pasa lo manda un notificacion di esaki an bo Whatsapp of email.

Questions about your order?

Pregunta tocante bo pedido?

When will I receive my order? Ki ora mi lo ricibi mi pedido?

The delivery estimate for standard items depends on the item you order and/or the shipping speed you’ve chosen.

If the item you’ve purchased is a virtual item (digital items). Then the item will be delivered within 1 hour after payment has been received.

If the item you’ve purchased is a “US-Ordered” item, then we will begin processing the order once the deposit for that item has been paid. After that, it usually takes no more than 21 business days for the item to be delivered to you.

Delivery di producto ta depende riba e producto mes of e delivery speed cu bo a selecta durante checkout.

Si bo a bestel un producto digital, e orey esaki lo wordo entrega na bo account of email dentro di 1 ora despues cu e pago wordo confirma.

Si bo pedido ta un US-Order, e orey bo pedido lo cuminsa wordo procesa despues cu e prome pago wordo confirms. Despues di esaki e pedido lo wordo entrega entre 10 pa 15 dia di trabou.

Can I cancel the order? Con mi por cancela mi pedido?

Yes, if your order status is still on hold or pending payment, you can send a request to cancel that order.

To send a cancel request:

  1. Go to your account dashboard
  2. Click on “My order”
  3. Find the order you want to cancel and click on the “Cancel Request” button.
  4. A window will pop up to confirm cancellation
  5. Click confirm to send the cancel request.

Please note, once a request has been sent, it can not be undone. Your order status will be updated within 24 hours.

Ordered an item as a guest?

Open the confirmation email, click the view order button then follow steps 3, 4 and, 5.
Don’t see the email? Check your spam or junk mail.

Orders can only be canceled if it’s still on hold or pending payment.

Si bo pedido ta “On Hold” of “Pending Payment” e orey via bo account, bo ta bay na bo orders anto di eynan bo ta haya e opcion pa manda un cancel request.

Si bo pedido ta processing caba, e orey por manda un Whatsapp na +2977449202, duna bo order number y puntra si por cancela e pedido.

Can I change the payment method or shipping address? Mi por cambia e manera di pago of adres?

Yes, after you’ve placed an order, we will contact you through Whatsapp. From there you can update us on the delivery address and payment method.

If you’re paying with cash on delivery, please let us know in advance if you’ll be paying with the exact amount so we can know if we’ll need to bring an exchange amount.

Once the order is out for delivery, the payment method can not be changed anymore.

Si, manda un Whatsapp na +2977449202, duna bo order number y pidi pa haci cambio di e manera cu bo lo kier paga of cambio di adres.

Si bo ta bay paga cu cash, laga sa dibiaha si bo lo paga cu placa net, pa asina nos sa si mester trece cambio.

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