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Here’s a look at three Fortnite-themed skins that are on their way to Destiny 2.

The rumours of Destiny and Fortnite crossing over look to be true, as a leaker has revealed three Fortnite-themed armour sets that are reportedly coming to Destiny 2.

For some time now, Fortnite leakers have suggested that a crossover was inbound between Fortnite and Desitny 2, with claims that both sides would receive some unique rewards. There’s not been much update on the crossover recently, but it looks like something might be happening soon, as a Destiny dataminer has found an image of three clearly Fortnite-inspired skins.

The leak comes courtesy of Twitter user and Destiny 2 dataminer GinsorKR, who shared an image of three guardians decked out in Fortnite-inspired armour sets. The armour set on the left is clearly inspired by the Black Knight skin, which was a Tier 70 reward in Fortnite Season 2. The middle armour set seems based on Drift, a legendary outfit that was a reward during Season 5’s battle pass and evolved as the player levelled up.

The final armour set is a little tougher to pin down, but it seems to be based on the legendary Ice King outfit, which was a reward from the Seventh Season of Chapter Cne. It’s a little harder to pin it down, but it seems to be the Ice King based on the outfit and horns. It’s not clear if these three armour sets are the only ones coming to Destiny right now, but they’re the only ones that have been found so far.

Twitter account OfficialRyatt thanked GinsorKR and then shared a message in response to the leak, “Make sure to watch the showcase on aug 23rd for more information on the new expansion and destiny news!”. Reliable Fortnite leakers like HYPEX and ShiinaBR shared the image as well, backing its legitimacy and claiming that we’ve yet to see the content that’s coming to Fortnite in return. The likely bet is that Fortnite will receive some skins based on Destiny’s most iconic characters, alongside some unique pickaxes and back blings. Ghost glider, anyone?


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