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Xbox Game Pass is one of the best gaming subscriptions right now in the market, but it’s still severely lacking in one key department. Let’s say in your household, you have an Xbox with multiple users for your family members. One of you has an Xbox Game Pass active, but if one of your family members wants to play a game available on Gamepass, he would have to play from your account or has to purchase his or her own subscription separately. As of now Xbox users currently can’t share an Xbox Game Pass subscription. In comparison to Netflix, Disney Plus, heck even Nintendo, this can be quite annoying and outdated since all these other subscriptions offer a family plan or something similar

However, things may change in the near future, a recent report from Windows Central suggests that Microsoft has been looking into adding a “family plan” for Xbox Game Pass for quite some time and the feature could be added as early as this year. According to the report, the Family Plan will cost a bit more but will allow up to five different users to access the Game Pass library, managed by a single central account.

So, hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to learn more about what Microsoft is planning to do with Game Pass.



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