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According to creative directors and chief executive officers at several independent studios that have adopted the four-day workweek. It’s almost impossible to go back to five days work week. Their opinions on the matter were unanimously positive. Studios like Kitfox Games, KO_OP, Armor Games have all been experimenting with the four-day workweeks for quite some time now.

Creative Director at Kitfox Games Tanya Short said that her company adopted four-day work weeks on a trial basis back in 2021.
“It was almost impossible to go back to five days. We briefly discussed it, but nobody wanted to even try,” Short noted. She added that giving workers an extra day off provided a big boost to their morale.

A boost in morale also means a boost in productivity and happiness for the employees. Of course, they are some minor setbacks with how to adapt the work scheduling for a shorter workweek than the norm. But these types of setbacks can be easily adjusted and balanced for a four-day workweek, to make it comfortable for everyone.


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