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Archive 81 is not getting its second season like some viewers were hoping for. Netflix has decided to drop the ax on the kind of a hit series that debuted back on January 18.

The cancellation came as a surprise for some because Archive 81 did manage to break into Nielsen and Netflix’s weekly Top 10 ratings for originals, and it also made it to No. 1 on Netflix in the U.S. for a very short while. 

So why did it got canceled?

Well, simply put, the show probably didn’t meet Netflix’s expectations in terms of viewing versus cost. The show also quickly lost its popularity soon after its debut, due to a lackluster final episode. Netflix shows usually gained most of their viewership in the second to third week after a debut. But in the case of Archive 81, it actually lost viewership after the debut.

Now the only hope for the show is if it’s picked up by another publisher.


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